About Us

MWU are the leading womens Ultimate club in Manchester. Established in 2013, MWU have already managed to make a stamp on the UK scene.

MWU are passionate about developing Ultimate in Manchester, encouraging more women to join the sport as well as competing in high level Ultimate for those who want to take Ultimate further.

With regular trainings at Fog Lane park, South Manchester, we work on improving the essential skills required for Ultimate. We train within an inclusive and friendly environment, challenging women to push themselves to achieve more and become more confident in their abilities.

Ultimate in Manchester

Manchester is constantly developing in terms of Ultimate. Over the past few years, the popularity of the sport has grown massively and there are now a number of well established teams. Find out more of what Ultimate in Manchester has to offer here.

What is Ultimate?

  • Ultimate is a limited-contact sport played with a flying disc (frisbee) in which points are scored by passing the disc to a teammate in the opposing endzone.
  • Teams consist of five players during indoor games and seven players during outdoor games.
  • There are no referees in Ultimate, the game is self-officiating which encourages fair play and knowledge of the rules.
  • Find out more about Ultimate by visiting www.ukultimate.com.




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